Equipment Monitoring

Gentrifi makes collecting data from your important equipment easy

Businesses continue to look for ways to cut their costs and operate more efficiently. Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies can play a big role in helping a company collect data and accomplish these objectives. Gentrifi’s remote monitoring solution enables you to track the performance and utilization of your equipment and even control the equipment remotely. With our solution you will have detailed insight to your equipment 24/7 with alerts raised to notify your organization whenever there is an issue or event that occurred needing immediate attention.


What is M2M?


Gentrifi provides custom M2M solutions for the connection and communication among remotely dispersed assets and equipment for remote control and monitoring. M2M refers to the combination of machine connectivity, communications, and information technology needed to connect machines or assets to applications. M2M solutions help improve processes, monitor assets and generate new revenue. Some examples of equipment that would benefit from M2M technology are manufacturing machinery, refrigeration systems, telecommunications equipment, server cabinets, HVAC systems, storage tanks, and security equipment. Industry-specific assets like utility equipment, natural gas compressors and pipelines, traffic management systems, restaurant’s, and convenience store equipment can also be considered machines in the context of M2M.

M2M for remote product service

Remote product service solutions enable a business to maintain customer satisfaction while driving down service-related costs. By using M2M technology to enable remote centralized monitoring of geographically dispersed assets, a business can optimize the deployment of its field technicians and eliminate several labor/travel related expenses.

Custom Application Development

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  • Reduce your overall development costs
  • Collaborate with us for knowledge transfer
  • Bring your wireless application to market faster
  • Focus on your core competencies and avoid distractions
  • Minimize roadblocks that are unique to wireless applications development
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