Fleet Optimization using the MCP50

Your company can start deployment of its fleet optimization strategy by equipping its trucks with the Omnitracs MCP50. Once MCP50s are installed your company will begin utilizing Omnitrac’s easy-to-use feature loaded cloud application (accessible from anywhere via internet). With the Omnitracs MCP50 installed in your company’s fleet of vehicle your employee’s time spent on paperwork and communication as well as dispatching with drivers will significantly decrease. This time can then be allocated towards other parts of the organization to increase efficiencies and revenue.Truck-Accident-on-the-news

The return on investment (ROI) after purchasing the MCP50 from Omnitracs is easily identifiable.  For example, the MCP50’s fuel manager  provides data that will save your business thousands of dollars by reviewing Omnitracs fuel analytics and determining what can be done to reduce fuel consumption. Optimization of your fleet is an important solution companies in the transportation industry need to start implementing.

According to this article— Between 3,000 and 4,000 people die in large truck and bus crashes every year in America, according to the Department of Transportation, which also says 13 percent of those deaths were caused by fatigued drivers.

The FMCSA has already begun implementing new rules to help decrease these unfortunate statistics. Gentrifi GPS is aware of and concerned about these statistics, and is why we have chosen to partner with Omnitracs who is the leading provider of FMCSA related telematics solutions like the MCP50.  Gentrifi GPS is a gold level certified partner.  We not only provide the customer with the MCP50 hardware, but also help your business implement and provision each device for a turn-key solution.  Because of features like Elogs, text-to-speech, vehicle inspection reports, critical event reporting, analytics, tire pressure monitoring, real-time location, alerts, fuel manager, the industry is quickly changing. Adapt with the industry visit Gentrifi GPS @ www.gentrifi.com for more information.

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