Heavy Equipment Management

Gentrifi Provides a solution to track, manage, and protect the heavy equipment portion of your fleet.  Heavy equipment management is a difficult job, but with Gentrifi’s metrics and reporting you can optimize your heavy equipment management. With tools like Gentrifi’s Geo-Fence heavy equipment management becomes easy.


Gentrifi GPS Software Features:

  • Engine run time
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Time on site
  • Begin/End of day reporting
  • Geo/Fence Enter Exitconstruction1
  • Operator time in seat
  • PTO Reporting
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Theft alarms
  • Location Reporting





With a solution from Gentrifi GPS your heavy equipment will never leave a job site without your knowledge. The hardware that we provide is designed for harsh weather conditions this allows for the device to be installed on the outside of your piece of heavy equipment. The device has mounting brackets, small in size, and easy to install.

Maintenance Schedule

With Gentrifi’s intelligent mapping solution you can use our maintenance schedule reporting to determine when your vehicles are due for maintenance work.

Begin/End of Day Reporting

With Begin/End of day reporting from Gentrifi GPS you can see the duration of time a piece of equipment has been moving. This makes the task of heavy equipment management a more efficient task.

Location Reporting

With Gentrifi’s intelligent mapping solution the administrator, or user managing the equipment can see the location of the heavy equipment in real time.


With the reporting tool Geo-Fence you can select a designated area and label it, then when a piece of heavy equipment either enters/exits that area you will be alerted. Alerts can either be sent directly to your phone/email, and if you only need to see the alerts weekly we also provide scheduled reporting.