Hours Of Service (HOS) System Compliance

Hours of Service

If your fleet is required to record their Hours of Service driving records

Managing your HOS score, Minimizing driver infractions, view available drive/duty time, editing driver logs, yard move, and personal conveyance are all items to consider when looking to optimize your organization’s hours of service safety business operations with a solution. Drivers are having a difficult time adopting electronic logs. Recording Hours of Service logs on the Omnitracs ELD devices is intuitive and easy to use. The next-gen feature packed Omnitracs electronic logs makes the driver transition from paper logs or other feature lacking solutions on the market an easy and progressive.

Hours of Service (HOS) is a rule that truck drivers are all familiar with. If your drivers keep-up with their HOS rules your business won’t have a problem. It’s when your drivers are struggling to properly document their driving hours and comply with the rules set by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) when you begin to have an issue. Most drivers do not want an HOS system implemented in their trucks. In-fact drivers will often threaten to leave the company if an HOS system is put in their trucks.

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Hours of Service Rule Studies:

The FMCSA has developed the HOS rule based on the latest sleep science, they also sought input from all sectors including small business owners, safety advocates, and trucking company’s. Implementation of Hours of Service will keep our highways safer and make transportation more efficient.

Hours of Service


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