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Gentrifi’s people tracking solutions improve productivity, increase safety, and keep your business in touch with its employees. Our people tracking devices are voice/SMS enabled and made for industrial environments. With a wide range of tracking options such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Cellular, and RFID you will always be in touch with your employees wherever they are nation-wide 24/7.

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Increased Employee Productivity
  • Improved communication
  • Better time management
  • More efficient navigation of routes
Employee Communication
  • Communication brings employees closer
  • Employees work better in groups when communicating
  • Locating employees quickly equates to reduced labor expenses
  • Makes stressing importance of objectives easier then through text alone
Keep Your Employees Safe
  • Application features like geo-fencing can better ensure employee safety
  • if disaster occurs admins/managers can react quickly with GPS locators on their personnel
  • Knowing the GPS location of employees can help prevent dangerous situations from occurring


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