Trailer Tracking

As your organization grows it becomes increasingly difficult to manage your trailers. Knowing the location and status of your trailers with a GPS tracking device can help your business manage its fleet of trailers more efficiently.  Gentrifi’s intelligent asset management and mapping application can provide your business with SMS and email alerts when a trailer starts moving, stops moving, door-open, door close, and hook/un-hook.

Benefits of Trailer TrackingAeroSemiTrailer

  • Optimize trailer utilization
  • Increase asset and cargo security
  • Monitor unauthorized use of trailers
  • Improve visibility of trailer connections
  • Increase driver and tractor productivity
  • Reduce wasted fuel searching for trailers
  • View a detailed list of trailers that are in your yard
  • Create valuable reports for operations and planning
  • Improve customer service with accurate and timely information
  • Receive notification when a trailer is dropped or connected to a tractor
  • Monitor the status and location of trailers, cargo, and containers in near real-time


With the information, and tools listed above your customer service will improve, expenses will decrease, and overall profitability will increase. Installing a trailer tracker can also help recover a stolen trailer, or prevent the threat of theft entirely. 


   Gentrifi GPS Yard Check gives visibility to tractors that are within a designated area. 


Event Detail report displays location reports in a clean format

Top 6 Reasons your Company should track its Trailers?
  1. Reduce your carbon footprint
  2. Make your company more efficient
  3. Keep track of departure/arrival times
  4. Theft has steadily been increasing over the past few years
  5. Tracking trailers reduces wasted time and increases revenue
  6. Have record of where your trailer and assets inside them have been
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